4 Reasons to Choose Wide-Plank Flooring for Your Next Hardwood Flooring Project

There's a rationale hardwood floors is among the most frequently used flooring choices available on the industry. It is warm, timeless feel and very low care needs make it ideal for all, many houses. Among those choices you've got on your hardwood flooring is wide plank floors. Wide plank floors is equally as varied as other hardwood alternatives, it only seems a bit different. It is about what you need to see within your house! Here are only a few the advantages of wide plank floors.

Variety of Options

Wide plank floors is understood to be hardwood floors which is wider than about 3 inches. This is a remarkably comprehensive definition, and so pretty much every number of hardwood flooring is offered in a broad board choice.


Since wide plank floors is offered in such a vast array of alternatives, in addition, it comes in a vast array of price points. It's no problem to locate a broad plank flooring choice for just about any budget. Whether you are performing a rather modest job and wish to splurge on the floor or you want to re-do the floors in many rooms of your house, you'll discover a broad plank choice that is suitable for your design tastes and budgetary requirements.

Vintage Cosmetic

Nothing beats the classic look and feel of hardwood flooring. Since wide plank floors utilizes larger bits of timber, you have to see much more of the natural patterns in the wood grain. These elements add character to any room and produce a beautiful conversation piece.

Hardwood Flooring from Floor Sanding Wickford

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