What Do You Do with Your Furniture When Getting New Floors?

Among the hardest parts of having any kind of work done to your floors is figuring out just what to do along with your own furniture to be sure it stays safe and out of the way. Even though this might not be just as much of a hassle when you're just doing a thorough cleaning or even using a few tiles or a section replaced since you can just rearrange it off into a corner and out of the way, it is a wholly different story when you're having completely new flooring laid.

What it mainly comes down to is just how much money are you prepared to spend on moving and storage, or how much effort are you willing to place in the process ? Some flooring companies will move the furniture for you, though it is not a typical service and will often cost more money. If you prefer, you may pay an outside business to move it to a temporary storage place to you and then again once the installation is completed, but this also will cost more money.

Additionally, it depends on if this is a one-room or multi-room job. If it's one room then you and a friend could probably get by with just shifting it to another room. When it's a multi-room occupation, a garage or even a covered terrace would work good. Regardless of the scope of the occupation, all you need to do is consider what would be the most convenient and cheapest way to take care of your furniture.

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