Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Wood Floors

Everybody enjoys the beauty and glow of a brand new hardwood flooring , but over the years the glow fades. Many men and women assume this is due to the fact that the polyurethane burns but it's really normally the consequence of grime and dirt that regular washing does not get. Deep cleaning your hardwood flooring is the solution.

When Is It Time To Deep Clean?

It is time to deep clean your wood floors when you find your normal cleaning methods just aren't cutting it. After you have washed the floor like you normally do, then you ought to be able to walk around on it in white socks and also have the socks not get dirty. When the socks get dirty after an hour or two of walking on the"blank" floor, it's time for a deep clean.

What's a Deep Clean?

Wood floors are often covered with a polyurethane coating that's impervious to water (provided that it treated correctly). However, over time, a coating of dirt, oil, and dirt can build up on the polyurethane coating. This rime grips the memory and is quite hard to clean off. Deep cleaning achieves this, by loosening the bond between that dirt layer and the polyurethane coating and washing away the contaminants.

Get The Right tools

In addition to the proper cleaner, you also need a very sturdy microfiber mop and many microfiber pads. Based on how filthy the flooring is, you may have to go over precisely the exact same place multiple times. A sturdy mop will let you truly put the force that you need to into the scrubbing. Your Swiffer won't cut it. Keep a white fabric on hand to test sections for cleanliness as you go, and if you are done, buff the floor with a dry pad till it actually shines.

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